Importance of Mobile Application Testing

Importance of Mobile Application Testing
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Every day web publications that offer technology news and analysis, as well as profiles of startup companies, products, and websites, make different online researches. According to one of the latest researches, the average shelf-life of mobile application is only 30 days. Why is it so? What can be the reason of it?

The percentage ratio is simply shocking for both free and paid applications. Almost 20% of users return to their new free downloaded application on the next day, and only 5% of users come back to it in 30 days. Actually the percentage of users who used paid application is even lower. What are these numbers talking about?

According to the research of software testing company, the main problem of it is a great number of bugs. Bug is an error that prevents a program from working correctly or to behave in an unexpected manner.

With the variety of applications which is available in our time, users can simply stop using those that work with bugs. So wouldn’t it better to produce better applications for end-users? QA company can always help developers in such questions.

Usually all mobile applications are tested across:

  • Language;
  • Browser;
  • Wireless Carrier;
  • Operating System;
  • Location.

Bugs can be found in different kinds of applications. It makes no difference which one you use. But almost always the problems are the same for all software equipment. But only application which was tested at software testing company, will not cause you any problems and will have longer shelf life than other applications.

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  1. srinivas kadiyala
    February 12, 06:23 #1 srinivas kadiyala

    Thanks for the post.

    How come Language and Location applies to mobile testing.
    Can u please tell me briefly about that.

    Looking forward to learn ahead..

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  2. Oksana Alekseeva
    February 13, 14:13 #2 Oksana Alekseeva

    Why mobility is important for modern businesses?
    Without being mobile oriented many businesses small and medium sized are doomed to lose customers’ interest to them. If websites are not mobile equipped up to 70% of visitors will leave such sites after a few clicks. The information is hard to read from screen and it needs constant scrolling and pinching that can irritate users. Every business should change its strategy to fit up-to-date world business conditions.
    Hopefully it is not difficult to establish mobile development today. There are lots of services which make mobile optimized websites and iOS/Android native apps from scratch according to clients’ needs. A good example is Snappii. You can try it right now!

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    • Anastasia Ilchenko
      February 21, 14:49 Anastasia Ilchenko Author

      Thank you for your comment, Oksana. You are right about mobility. But every person has his/her personal point of view and look on different things. And we can do nothing about it.

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