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Check Mobile App Ability to Process Various Inputs 0

A software product has to process inputted data appropriately. So, one should give due consideration to this aspect in course of mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing.

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Mobile Acceptability for Popular Platforms 0

It is known that people get mobile applications from mobile software stores. Each popular mobile operation system has such store. It means that if producers want to deliver their software

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Mobile Testing: Input Data Processing 0

Each software product needs to receive certain information. This makes inputting an important element for software functioning. Testers must not leave this fact out of account performing web, desktop or

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What Activities Should Mobile Testing Include? 0

At present tablets, smartphones and mobile phones can be used for entertainment, finding suitable routes, making online purchases and many other tasks. With their help one can do so many

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Expected Bugs during Mobile Testing 0

Mobile software products appeared not so long ago. Some of them are adjusted versions of programs for personal computers. Maybe these facts are among reasons of weird errors and unexpected

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4 Situations When Mobile App Should be Tested 0

It is known that in course of a web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing it is important to check the software product behavior under different conditions, in particular,

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