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What Serious Defects Network Transition Points Hide 0

The tasks are usually prioritized in course of mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing. The more important ones are done carefully and insignificant ones may be omitted

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How Mobile Software Handles Different Networking Conditions? 0

Today a lot of mobile and desktop software products require networking connection for operation. That is why, executing mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing, it is important to

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Mobile Testing: determine strength of network signals 0

Each professional software testing company claims that it is of utmost importance to check how mobile programs operate when network signals are of different strength. Such exploration is also wise

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Why Mobile Apps Often Have Connectivity Defects 0

A short time ago we dealt only with wired Internet connection. Today we often work with reliable and fast wired connection, with wireless one and with various technologies. People, who

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Characteristics of Mobile Test Environment 0

A QA company always insists that compatibility testing must be part of a testing process. It is particularly important for mobile software products as at present there are plenty of various

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Compatibility Testing of Mobile Software 0

Note: the article was updated in November 2018. Nowadays, the variety of mobile devices, OS, and platforms available on the market is astonishing. Therefore, there is a particular challenge for

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