Why to Check Simultaneous Work of Two Mobile Apps?

Why to Check Simultaneous Work of Two Mobile Apps?
January 16 10:00 2014  

Mobile phones, smartphones and tablets are among most often utilized devices. Nowadays most people cannot imagine their life without them. We carry mobile devices everywhere with us and perform variety of tasks by means of them.

So, mobile devices are created to perform several tasks simultaneously. Mobile software products should also be adjusted to such conditions. A software testing company usually insists on checking the tested software ability to operate under various conditions in course of mobile testing.

There are, as a rule, more various situations to check in course of mobile application testing than in course of desktop testing or web site testing.

In order make mobile testing thorough, it is necessary to test the software product when other applications are functioning on the device. In reality several software products almost always are running on a phone, a smartphone or a table.

When we are on the move, the device determines the location and tries to maintain good Internet connection. Besides it regulates the screen brightness and adjusts screen orientation. If we turn on the music and decide to book a flight ticket or buy something online the applications began to compete for resources.

So, it is wise to see how the mobile software product handles such situations.

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