What Is a Markup App and how to Teste it?

What Is a Markup App and how to Teste it?
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There are different types of applications on which you can conduct software testing. One of them is called a markup application. Let us find out what it is.

An application is called a markup one if it uses a markup language.

What Is a Markup Language?

A markup language is the one that combines instructions with content. In order to distinguish an instruction from the content, the former are enclosed into tags, i.e. characters that bare particular meaning for a stated markup language. Usually all the web-based markup languages use angle brackets (< >) to define the instruction.

The most frequently used markup language is HTML. However, is we look at it from the point of view of mobile devices, it doesn’t seem to suit. The first markup language developed for mobile devices is WML.

Gradually several variations of markup languages for mobile devices were created.

Markup Languages Developed For Mobile Market:

  • xHTML;
  • cHTML;
  • WML.

How to Test Markup Applications?

Software testers may face problems from several sources. Firstly, markup languages are rendered by certain software. There may be bugs in it. Plus, there may be certain problems in web page markup or limitations in hardware work.

Markup applications require automated testing, because they were developed to be processed by programs but not interpreted by a human.

Thus, we may say that markup applications are quite easy to test. Besides, another advantage is that many programming languages support web based markup languages, so developers can reduce the number of code they need to write.

Matching patterns in responses can also be effective. The system is quite simple: we already expect to receive certain things in the response. Of course, we cannot predict each result we get, thus we scan the individual results and select the ones that seem to fit. We can use the elements of automated testing to do it.

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