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What Qualities Make a Good QA Engineer?

The Quality Assurance Engineer is not yet as popular as a Lawyer or Science Teacher, but watch out for the word “yet”. This occupation attracts more and more people and

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Who Is Omega Tester?

In software testing company, some test teams may be understaffed. But pretty soon they will be fully staffed. The checking of small projects requires one specialist. Several testers may work

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How Can Testers Maintain High Capacity for Work?

The majority of people depend on their jobs, they earn their living executing their tasks. So, it is no wonder that most of employees do their best, spend a lot

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Why Are Software Testers Always Under Stress?

Information technology is among the fastest developing fields. Every day devices and applications for them become more and more complex, sophisticated, multifunctional and user-friendly. Such tendency allows the end-users to

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