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Testing within one project: what to verify first? 0

What to test first – software functionality, reliability or security? What aspects to verify in order to ensure a successful product release? What testing types to perform at projects with

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What Does It Mean to Be a Good Software Tester? 0

New technologies appear, deadlines get shorter, and the end user expectations – higher. From this regard, any software testing company places more demands on hiring candidates for the QA specialist

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Software Perfection: Not as Easy as It Seems 0

Dozens of testing types are performed with the sole purpose of creating a perfect software product. But who defines “perfect” in a software testing company? A project manager, a product owner

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A New Portion of False Statements about Testing 0

Throughout the entire professional life, a software tester hears lots and lots of different misconceptions about testing – from classic ones to quite weird ones. Wrong ideas about software testing

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How to Distinguish Between QC, QA and Testing? 0

The specialists of IT sphere should clearly understand different notions and concepts. Several notions may have some resembling features. To avoid mixing up such a kind of concepts, one should

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Technical Tester vs Non-Technical Tester 0

This post was updated in May 2018. In 2018, the absence of good technical background is a huge minus. The problem of technical QA vs non-technical generates many debates. But

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