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Software Testing & QA: Not-boring Explanation (for Dummies)

Everybody knows the way to success is paved by the quality company renders to customers. Quality, in its turn, isn’t possible without proper QA and testing. But how does testing

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Analyzing Results: TOP Most Effective Metrics in Software Testing

Have you ever thought about changing the car you have now? If yes, then what were the reasons you named: it’s best years have already passed, it eats too much

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How quality of your website defines its success

The digitalization of markets transforms a website into a business card of every company and service. Apart from that, as the end users’ requirements become more demanding, companies are developing

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How to Distinguish Between QC, QA and Testing?

The specialists of IT sphere should clearly understand different notions and concepts. Several notions may have some resembling features. To avoid mixing up such a kind of concepts, one should

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