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What Diagrams Should QA Be Familiar With?

The biggest problem of any software testing – you should test everything. And this “everything” is very hard to transform into a quantity form. But a tester should realize what

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How to Create Test Cases Using State-Transition Diagrams?

State-transition diagrams are not widely used by the specialists of software testing company. But for certain, they simplify the execution of web application testing and mobile testing. Moreover, diagrams also

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What Is State-Transition Table?

In software testing field, information can be represented in various forms. It may be schema, table, diagram, notation, etc. Every specialist from software testing company chooses the form of representation

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What Is State-Transition Diagram?

The employees of QA company use various testing tools, which help them to perform software testing more effective and resultative. State-transition diagrams represent all system operations, states and responses. Such diagrams

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