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How Prepare Test Plan? 0

Test plan is an integral part of any software testing. It should be elaborated for every web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing and take into account the project

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Why is Test Plan so Important for Testing? 0

It is known that quality assurance and web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing are of utmost importance for success of a software product on the market. That

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On What Documents Should a Test Plan be Based? 0

Every novice tester knows that a test plan is an important document. It contains significant information about the testing process and instructions on how to execute mobile testing, desktop testing

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How to Work out a Proper Test Plan? 0

No mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing can be performed without a plan. It is commonly believed that developing of a test plan is a long, labour-intensive process.

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General Standards for Component Testing 0

BS 7925-2 is a software test standard that defines the overall process of testing, techniques of test cases creation and other activities that are used in component testing. The main

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Preparation of Acceptance Test Plan 0

In any software testing project the acceptance document is basically prepared using the certain inputs. But this can vary depending on organization and project. Here are the most general inputs

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