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Will Microsoft Maluuba make artificial intellect ask questions? 0

Will artificial intelligence be able to ask questions? Probably, Maluuba knows the answer. Maluuba is a startup from Canada. The company is focused on creating the software that will be

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What does Creative Thinking Mean in Software Testing? 0

It is known that mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing require creative thinking. Conventional way of thinking does not allow to build a career in any branch of

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Story of One Research of Banks Corporate Sites or Top 10 Software Bugs Making Customers Leave a Site 0

My father is a department manager in one of rather big and well-known Ukrainian banks. Recently he asked me to do a little research of the rivals on the market.

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Is There Something in Common Between an Investigator and a Software Tester? 0

Software testers and developers know that unreproducible or intermittent errors are adverse for a software product. But, unfortunately, they occur in course of web site testing, desktop testing or mobile

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What Influences over Wireless Data Transmitting? 0

At present wireless technology is widely utilized for transmitting information, cellular networks and access to the World Wide Web. It seems strange, but Heinrich Herz, the discoverer of the wireless

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What Are Peculiarities of Using Radio Waves? 0

For those who perform mobile testing it may be interesting to know that people began to utilize wireless technology long before mobile phones, smartphones and tablets appeared. Radio waves are

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