Software Testing Humour

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Rules for Effective Software Development and Testing 0

To become successful any software testing company should find a balance between cost and revenues. Budgets and revenues apply not only to the period of the development and testing, but

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Arranging Beta Testing with Favored Users 0

One of the types of software testing that a good software testing company may perform is beta testing, i.e. the one involving the participation of an end user. Beta testing

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The Interaction Between People in Software project 1

Nowadays there are a lot of roles in a software project. And somebody unavoidably must implement these tasks. In small companies (for example, one-person development organization) all of these positions

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Zombie Testing! 0

Zombie Testing: Mindlessly  executing a program with the intent of filling spreadsheets with useless data, writing thick boiler plate bug reports, and meeting company metrics.  Find bugs is a secondary

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Demotivators in Software Testing. Part 2. 0

Funny pictures again. Related Posts:The Interaction Between People in Software projectStatistics of Errors in the CodeZombie Testing!

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Software Testing Demotivators – Part 1 1

Please look through our software testing demotivators. Testing is real fun. No doubts. Related Posts:The Interaction Between People in Software project

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