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What Is the Aim of Testing Tools? 0

To check the complex and multilevel systems within a limited period of time, the test team usually uses different tools and frameworks. The aim of every software testing tool is

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Unit Testing for Execution Points 0

Unit testing is generally conducted to test a small software unit. It is normally carried out by the developer who performed the unit. Unit testing generally pays the main attention

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Software Bug Handling Process And Tools 0

Software bug handling is a significant area of quality assurance activities. At the time of software testing the developers who correct identified software bugs are generally not the identical as

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How To Perform Load Testing For Websites? 2

In order to realize how load testing works for websites good software tester firstly need to realize how websites operate. Well, websites have a web server installed on the server. The

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Measurement of Software Bug’s Quantity 0

Firstly let’s define what are Measures and Metrics and what’s the difference between them. Measures are numerical unit defined components (hours, km and so on). Measures are generally consisting of

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Main Elements Of Costs In Software Testing Process 2

There are some of the most spread elements of expenses involved in the performing of software testing process: Emolument of employees Emolument of the employees is the main element of

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