How to Choose Devices for Mobile Testing?

How to Choose Devices for Mobile Testing?
April 14 10:00 2014  

A lot of different aspects must be considered when planning software testing.

Determining what devices to use is very important point of any mobile application testing. Choosing of devices is essential for desktop testing or web site testing as well, but the variety of mobile devices is richer.

A software testing company advises its testers to systematize the process of devices selecting for testing purposes.

Experienced Testers Often Utilize Such Scenario:

  • choosing strategy or approach to mobile device selection;
  • determining currently available and popular mobile devices on the market;
  • finding out what devices often cause problems;
  • finding out what operation systems and their versions should be used;
  • determining what types of network connection are supported by the chosen devices;
  • drawing classification tree of the devices suitable for manual and automated testing of the software product and choosing the appropriate ones;
  • asking the development team and other stake holders if they find the strategy suitable and if it is possible to acquire and to use the selected devices in the mobile testing;
  • if the approach appears to be unsuitable, it is necessary examine the project again and to elaborate another, more appropriate strategy.

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