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Automated Testing: Weak Points 0

In software testing company, specialists perform different types of testing, for example, system testing, unit testing, usability testing, desktop testing, etc. Nowadays automated testing is very popular and widely executed.

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Cloud Tools for Automation: Obvious and Hidden Benefits 0

Every software testing company has its approach to automated testing. Some firms already started using the cloud tools during performance testing and functional testing, but automated testing is often left behind.

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Should Automated Testing Be Deployed? 0

The success of software testing company is based on the constant development and improvement of its works and operating facilities. Times change and so do the people as well as

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3 Levels of Testing Automation 0

Note: this article was updated in September 2019. Nowadays, people are working a lot for the future to be less stressful and we simplify our lives. Thanks to automation, we

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What Tests to Automate Firstly? 0

The first question that arises during the software product testing and which should be answered without bias is: “Is it advisable to use automated testing for this software?”. In the

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Languages and Tools Used for Test Automation 0

Nowadays there are tools allowing to automate creation of automated test cases. One doesn’t have to be a programmer for that. Test cases can be effectively automated if they are

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