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Creative Thinking in Software Testing 0

It is known that mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing require creative thinking. Conventional way of thinking does not allow to build a career in any branch of

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Is it Better to Be A Software Developer or Tester? 0

Many people believe there is a significant difference in salary between a software tester and a software developer, with the latter being paid much more. Is this really true? The

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Top 10 Software Bugs Making Customers Leave a Site 0

My father is a department manager in one of rather big and well-known Ukrainian banks. Recently he asked me to do a little research of the rivals on the market.

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One of Mnemonics for Generating Test Ideas 0

One must quickly find all serious problems of the program under test in order to make web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing effective. A software testing company

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Investigator and QA: what is in commom? 0

Software testers and developers know that unreproducible or intermittent errors are adverse for a software product. But, unfortunately, they occur in course of web site testing, desktop testing or mobile

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Safety Assurance And Failure Scope 0

Note: the article was updated in September 2018. Safety-critical systems are those, that can cause injury or even loss of user’s life in case of failure. Such systems can damage

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