Security Testing

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How Can Cookies Threat Web Software Security?

Some web software users have a prejudice against cookies. They claim that one of the reasons of their discontent is that cookies threaten safety of their sensitive data. Web developers

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Specifics of Security Testing of Banking App

Banking software products become more and more popular as they allow the users to perform necessary financial operations in the comfort of their homes and anywhere, where there is the

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7 Aspects of Security Testing

Security testing is important and compound process including various activities. This aspect plays a significant role in all the software products at present, from banking and top security government programs

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Security Testing Using Vulnerability Scanners

Security testing of web applications is not as easy process as it seems to be. It can appear very exhaustive if it is performed manually. That is why this kind

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Safety Assurance And Failure Scope

Note: the article was updated in September 2018. Safety-critical systems are those, that can cause injury or even loss of user’s life in case of failure. Such systems can damage

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