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Universal Care: The Vital Role of Accessibility Testing in Medical Software

Over the last period of time, our team has been receiving an increasing number of requests to ensure the inclusivity of solutions with the help of specialized accessibility testing. This

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Don’t Lose Sales: The Importance of User-Friendly and Accessible Design for an Online Store

Usability and accessibility are two essential factors that can make the online shopping experience stand out from the competition or break it altogether. The success of any online store highly

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Everything You Should Know About Accessibility Testing

The most famous and bright example of why content accessibility testing should be done happened with the popular anime Pokemon: over 685 victims. So, on December 16, 1997, all the

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How to Solve Accessibility Problems?

In our ever-evolving modern world, there are people with different physical possibilities and this has to be concerned during various things production. Software products are not an exception. An accessibility

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Why not to Rely on Tools during Accessibility Testing

A good software tester always uses certain instruments to improve and streamline the testing process. The whole idea of automated testing arose from the usage of tools during software product

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What Is Mobile Accessibility Testing?

The practice shows that testers may have some difficulties in distinguishing between mobile accessibility testing and functional testing. They consider these software testing types to be similar. But it is

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