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The A-Z Guide: When Mobile App Testing Is Done Right?

A great mobile application is built on a great idea. But no matter how excellent and salable it is, one little error can make everything sink into oblivion. That’s why

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Top 5 security leaks of Android applications

Android Operating System celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2018, and the majority of its users are obviously satisfied with the security policy, as 84% of clients feel safe using this

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What are effective approaches to mobile testing?

Software testing is rather young field of activity. It appeared recently in comparison with other spheres of work and began rapid development. In spite of this, some techniques and methods

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Mobile Test Automation: TestDroid

While I conducted the study a new solution for Android appeared. TestDroid is a plugin for Eclipse that allows you to record tests (record & play) in the Robotium format.

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