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Automate or not Automate – That Is the Question!

Browsing the popular software testing blogs and forums, one may notice that automation is one of the next years’ trends in IT field. However, it is a point at issue

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Software Test Automation: Problems and Tips

Frequently, QA teams are in a fix when it comes to automation. It is required many skills, effort, and experience in order to thorough know when to implement automated tests.

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4 Inherent Parts of Modern Test Automation

Everyday new trends, terms, and concepts appear in the IT world. It happens so because information innovations have been permanently developing during last few decades. And what took much time,

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Test Automation: When Focus Is Not on Quantity

In a software testing company, no matter how skilled and well-trained the testers are, they cannot automate all the tests. In fact, test automation is not necessarily applicable to all

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What Tests Should Be Automated?

Every software testing process is especial and requires individual attention. When planning mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing it is necessary to consider many issues and collect

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Types of Software Automation

A software testing company performs various types of software testing, one of which is automated testing. There are several types of automation that you may face. Software Automation Types: At

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