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E-Commerce Testing Checklist: Are you ready for digital transformation?

Technological leapfrog, mobile revolution, digital transformation… we are gradually moving to a new normal in our foreseeable future. But is your e-commerce application ready to face new challenges? Let’s check

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Top-10 Trends in E-commerce Development

The E-commerce market expands every day and more people use this resource nowadays. It is estimated that 1,92 billion people shop online. What trends will dominate in the following years?

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Magento for e-Commerce projects: Testing Cases from QA Engineers

Magento is one of the top-notch solutions for e-commerce products, and the reason for this is obvious. It is an open-sourced, easy-to-use, SEO-friendly, fast loading/ quick returns system for content

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Overview of M-Commerce Market

Mobile commerce or m-commerce is not a brand new trend anymore. Some people consider that its era is over and this exhausted market will not offer anything new. I belong

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