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Quality Assurance Process in Mobile Payment Systems 0

Today’s life requires speed. The desire of consumers to get the goods and services whenever they want becomes more and more strong and pushes business to develop advanced technologies. This

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Unit vs Integration vs Functional Testing 0

There are various types of software testing and the QA specialists should be aware of their specific features and different peculiarities. If the test is engaged in mobile testing, then

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Integration Testing: Essence and Approaches 0

Nowadays it is a good practice to test the system before the production code is written. This means that software testing is performed in parallel with writing code lines. Usually,

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Unit Testing vs Integration Testing 0

The variety of testing techniques the software testing company provides is really amazing. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between different testing types. The choice depends on product, goals and

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Peculiarities of Testing Levels 0

In software testing field, various types of checking procedure are performed. Each such type has its own goal, specific features and peculiarities of execution. Software testing types can be divided

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System Testing vs Integration Testing 0

Sometimes it is difficult to understand the differences between the types of software testing. The usage of the particular type depends on the product itself, the main purpose of testing

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