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What is the price of a software bug?

Everyone who has heard something about software testing is sure that the main tester’s goal is to discover bugs. In general, it is correct. But to discover software errors is

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How a Software Bug Can be Called?

In software testing company, the specialists use various terms to name a system error. The bug may have different nature, area of happening and consequences. It can have minor priority,

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What is an Essence of Software Bugs?

People, familiar with software development and web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing, know that there are errors in software products that are often called software bugs. Errors

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How to Reproduce Unreproducible Bug?

Intermittent and unreproducible software bugs complicate work of testers. The most sophisticated intermittent errors usually occur in course of mobile application testing. As a rule, few defects can be unreproducible

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Software Bugs. Definition and Meaning

The Definition of a Bug Well, software bug is any unexpected behavior; when software does something that you don’t consider it is correct. This can be anything from the demonstration

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Types of Bugs in Software Testing

Note: the article was updated in July 2018. There is no software without bugs. Every day testers all over the world encounter new and new software defects and issues. But

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