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Software Development: Problems and Solutions 0

Software product development is a complex process which is obligatory accompanied with testing. To perform thorough software testing, QA team should plan the test strategy, pick up techniques and methodologies,

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What Is TDD (Test Driven Development)? 0

TDD is an abbreviation for test driven development. It is the special practice of the code creation used by developers. Not all development teams practice TDD. One may think that

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Software Development or Testing? What to Choose? 0

Software development and software testing are two different kinds of work, but they have equal career opportunities. More than that, in a great number of companies people with these professions

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Developing Software on the Basis of Existing App 0

Decision to develop new software on the basis of an existing application brings many challenges. But it is still possible to be on top of issues. To justify expectations developing

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Rules for Effective Software Dev and Testing 0

To become successful any software testing company should find a balance between cost and revenues. Budgets and revenues apply not only to the period of the development and testing, but

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Significance of Education and Training During Software Development 2

Teaching and training provide people-based solutions to eliminate the source of software bugs. Software practitioners notice for a long time that the human factor is the most important indicator in

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