Software Development or Testing? What to Choose?

Software Development or Testing? What to Choose?
October 15 10:00 2014  

Software development and software testing are two different kinds of work, but they have equal career opportunities. More than that, in a great number of companies people with these professions have the same salary, or the difference is inappreciable.

Of course, the salary depends on many factors such as skills, the company one is working in, professional experience, duties one performs, etc. But, for instance, in NASA, Google and Microsoft testers get more than developers, as testers are more required nowadays. Experts in automated testing and testers with certain domain knowledge are frequently wanted.

The amount of money paid mostly depends on skills of the person. Sometimes testers get a bigger salary just because they are more skilled in the area that is very important for the company; the same refers to developers.

Anyway, salary rate is not the best criterion of choosing a career field. If a person is smart, skilled and experienced in doing something, he or she will find a well-paid job in the corresponding area.

Some people consider software testing less important than development, but the both activities are of the same significance. Sometimes testing is even more valuable.

There are examples when errors in software products led to money loss or fatal cases. No one wants the things like that to happen. That’s why every software product should be verified by a software testing company. An application cannot be successful in production unless functional testing, user interface testing, security testing and other tests are carefully executed.

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