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What is an Essence of Software Bugs?

People, familiar with software development and web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing, know that there are errors in software products that are often called software bugs. Errors

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Software issues caused by poor connection

Most of phones, smartphones, tablets and personal computers are connected to the network. A lot of modern software products depend on data stored on servers. Proper operation of such applications

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2 Groups of Significant Software Bugs

We live in time of rapidly changing devices and technologies. Hardly one manages to get the feel of using a device or a software product, it becomes old-fashioned. Many people

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Latent and Masked Software Bugs: What’s the Difference?

Note: the article was updated in October 2018 Bugs can attack your software at any time especially when you do not expect to meet them. Some software defects are not

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Main Types of Defects in Software Testing

Note: the article was updated in August 2018. There are several different classifications of software issues that are based on a certain criterion, for example, classification according to defect severity,

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Types of Bugs in Software Testing

Note: the article was updated in July 2018. There is no software without bugs. Every day testers all over the world encounter new and new software defects and issues. But

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