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Why to Write Test Cases? 0

Manual testing often involves such activity as test case writing. The experienced testers know that the process of test case creating, as well as their execution, usually requires much time,

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Test Case Secrets 0

Writing test cases is the art every software testing company employee must overwhelm. It’s not a secret that this work takes the major part of all the tester’s activities, so

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What are Main Attributes of a Test Case? 0

Note: this article was updated in May 2019 Creation of a clear test case is quite challenging because it forms the entire testing and serves as a guide. Since a

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Overall Component Testing Process 0

Component Test Planning The main ideas of Component Test Planning are: Determination of the expected test results for each test case Determination of the overall strategy of component testing, test

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Static Test Cases And The Dynamic Test Runs 1

As soon as testing models have been built and validated, they can be used to create test cases, which may then be implemented planned test procedure. So, let us start!

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White Box Test Techniques. Data Flow Testing 0

Design Test cases should be designed to execute control flow paths between definitions and uses of variables in the component. Every test case should comprise: input to the component control

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