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Test Plan: Test Environment, Project Schedule and Staff

Mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing require certain environment. Test environment has a massive impact on tests results. If the necessary environment conditions are not created, the tests

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Aspects of Mobile Test Environment to Considered

Executing web, desktop or mobile testing one should consider a lot of factors that may influence test results. If a software bug reproduces randomly it may signify that testers overlook

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Characteristics of Mobile Test Environment

A QA company always insists that compatibility testing must be part of a testing process. It is particularly important for mobile software products as at present there are plenty of various

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Preparation of Test Environment for Testing

Test environment is a very important part of testing process. Usually it includes test information, software, networks, necessary test-bed scripts, environment-setup scripts, hardware and different kinds of equipment. Preparing for

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Designing a Performance Test Environment

There are a lot of projects where all performance testing are conducted on the live environment. On the other hand, we can say that this is rather uncommon and adds

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