Characteristics of Mobile Test Environment

Characteristics of Mobile Test Environment
February 13 10:00 2014  

A QA company always insists that compatibility testing must be part of a testing process. It is particularly important for mobile software products as at present there are plenty of various mobile phones, smartphones and tablets with various operation systems and applications installed.

So, performing mobile or website testing on a mobile device it is necessary to consider a number of environment characteristics.

Main Environment Characteristics That Must Be Recorded Include:

  • manufacturer of the mobile device and the device model;
  • name and version of the operation system;
  • name and version of the browser used during mobile testing;
  • network provider;
  • mobile network operator.

In course of mobile application testing or web site testing on a tablet, smartphone or mobile phone one also should pay attention to different languages if the software is available in more than one language.

It is of utmost importance to make sure that the mobile software product functions fine on the most popular mobile devices and platforms, together with widely spread mobile applications. Nowadays people used to work with different technologies, software products and devices. If an application is good only for a certain environment it will not have wide range of users.

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