Why is High Rating Important for Mobile Software?

Why is High Rating Important for Mobile Software?
February 03 10:00 2014  

When a user chooses a new mobile software product, he or she goes to a mobile software store and searches for applications with needed functions. Usually there are at least several of those. Which one a user will pick if all the applications perform the same functions?

In a mobile application store there is rating of software products. It is usually the number of stars that a program gets. The more stars a mobile software product gets the better it is in the users opinion. So, naturally, most people will pick the application with more stars and will not even try to work with those that have one or two stars.

That is why it is important for a software product to gain high rating. So, the mobile application must be clear, understandable, do not cause negative emotions and please the majority of users. Executing mobile application testing, one shouldn’t forget about usability.

A software testing company always reminds produces of applications that users’ judgment of their software is very important. This makes usability testing one of the most significant parts of any mobile testing. Of course one mustn’t ignore usability issues in course of desktop testing or web site testing as well.

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