Why Perform Mobile Testing When it is Cold?

Why Perform Mobile Testing When it is Cold?
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In most of the countries at least several months of a year are cold. So, often people have to interact with mobile devices when the temperature is below zero. It causes some inconveniences and may have negative impact on mobile software products.

A software testing company advises to execute thorough mobile application testing. That is why it should include mobile testing when it is cold. In a cold weather demands to usability increase, as people want software products to perform what is required as soon as possible. So, it is a good idea to execute usability testing of mobile software products in a cold weather.

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When Performing Mobile Testing in a Cold Weather the Next Issues Should be Paid Attention to:

  • whether it is possible to interact with the software product in gloves;
  • whether it is possible to interact with the application when the user fingers are numb;
  • whether the application performs appropriately in a cold surrounding.

Personal computers are usually indoors, where temperature is normal. They may get warm due to hard work but users do not interact with them when it is cold. So, there is no need to execute desktop testing or web site testing under low temperature.

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