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You don’t need software testing, do you? 0

Why verify the software quality? Why do you have in-house QA team or apply for independent testing services? Why are there so many providers of QA and testing services? Do

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Software Perfection: Not as Easy as It Seems 0

Dozens of testing types are performed with the sole purpose of creating a perfect software product. But who defines “perfect” in a software testing company? A project manager, a product owner

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How to Perform Efficient Software Testing 0

It is common knowledge that cooperation, mutual understanding and helping between project parties are key to success of any project. A tester should take into consideration remarks and advices of

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What Is the Role of Regression Testing in Software Development? 0

It is of common knowledge that any testing process must include regression testing. This testing phase is an essential part of a web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application

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What Is Fagan Inspection and Why Do You Need It? 0

Every software testing company is aiming to create the end product of high quality. During the testing process it is extremely important to provide control not only over the computerized

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3 Tips on How to Achieve Success in Software Testing 0

Would you wonder if you hear that it is necessary to fall in love with QA to achieve high results? It should be really so. It is told that it is

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