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What Is Human Experience Testing? 0

Nowadays, the wearables are very popular. They are easy to use and help people to monitor different parameters. But, unfortunately, some glitches may happen, and it will disappoint users. The

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Quality Criteria of the Software Under Test 0

The main task of the tester is to find and document bugs during the software product testing with the following process of their elimination in order to provide the further

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4 Ways to Find the One Hundred Percent Bug 0

During the software testing process, testers find bugs and report them to the bug tracking system from where they are redirected to the developers’ consideration. But not all tickets reported

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How to Write Programs Effectively? 0

A lot of techniques and methods of programming have been elaborated for the last 2 decades. All of them are meant to simplify the process of software development and shorten

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How to Increase Efficiency of Software Testing? 0

Those who are involved in web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing are aware that software bugs should be detected as early as possible in the development life

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4 Common Quality Criteria of Software Products 0

Software testing plan must be well thought out and involve all the significant issues of the testing process. One of the issues is quality criteria. It is important to know

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