How to Increase Efficiency of Software Testing?

How to Increase Efficiency of Software Testing?
September 30 10:00 2014  

Those who are involved in web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing are aware that software bugs should be detected as early as possible in the development life cycle. But many people do not fully realize the significance of early error finding.

The earlier a defect is discovered, the less effort, time and costs are needed for fixing it. Besides, finding serious software bugs in the early phases of construction allows testers to get on the right side of the project managers and development team, as they are often upset and angry when a considerable defect is discovered just before the product release.

Profitability of a Software Development Process Shows a Great Increase If:

  • Static testing is executed carefully, that is checking of the system code and logic before the software begins actually functioning; automated testing is usually applied during such activities. Experts in software testing claim that it increases efficiency of the testing process many times.
  • Dynamic testing is performed thoroughly after the static one; the latter can determine up to 50% of the program problems in the early phases of the development cycle. The rest of the defects are to be found in course of usability, compatibility, functional testing and other activities assuming interactions with the program, entering data, making requests.

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