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How to make users add your online shop to bookmarks? 0

Among 20 million eCommerce stores there are only 1 million that have the sale amount of more than $1,000 annually. Why customers come back to shopping on definite sites while

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Is unit testing enough for software release? 0

Unit testing is the first step on the long way to a high-quality software. Its main purpose is to verify code. But what about the other product aspects? Is unit

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You don’t need software testing, do you? 0

Why verify the software quality? Why do you have in-house QA team or apply for independent testing services? Why are there so many providers of QA and testing services? Do

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Software Perfection: Not as Easy as It Seems 0

Dozens of testing types are performed with the sole purpose of creating a perfect software product. But who defines “perfect” in a software testing company? A project manager, a product owner

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How to Get to Know and Understand the Needs of End Users? 0

Typically, the profession of a software tester implies striving to satisfy the customers’ needs. That’s why testers are often called user advocates. Unfortunately, some testers don’t have enough skills to

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Brief Survival Guide for Testers 0

Both a beginner and an experienced software tester may have doubts on how to do the right thing in testing. It happens because if a tester makes a mistake, it

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