How to Perform Efficient Software Testing

How to Perform Efficient Software Testing
November 06 10:00 2013  

It is common knowledge that cooperation, mutual understanding and helping between project parties are key to success of any project.

A tester should take into consideration remarks and advices of the development team in order to increase efficiency of mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing. But a tester also must remember that his task is to prove or contradict speculations and assertions about the tested software product.

Developers may ask a tester to concentrate on some areas of an application and do not waste time on testing some other areas because they are sure that the areas are ok. In such situation a software testing company advises to focus testing efforts first on the problem areas from the point of view of the developers and then test the areas that have no defects in the developers’ judgment.

It is unacceptable to skip software areas just because someone assumes that no software bugs are there. If it emerges in later phases of the development that serious errors have been omitted in those areas, the tester will be responsible because his or her work was of poor quality.

So, in Order to Perform Qualitative Software Testing a Test Engineer Must:

  1. Take into account comments and advices of the developers and other project parties when executing web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing;
  2. Carefully test all the areas, functions and features of the software product regardless of any assurances that an area or an issue is without defects.

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