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Best practices to make your QA meetings more effective 2

Have you ever been stuck in a poorly-organized meeting? I mean when you come on time and wait for 20 minutes for its start. Plan? Not clear. Who is in

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What is better: Test Emulators or Real Devices 0

The modern market of devices expands every day, and that is not easy for testers. The extensive number of mobile devices and apps for them trigger issues on their quality.

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Software Testing: Say No to Narrow Thinking 1

People in a software testing company often think that testers just execute test cases and occasionally update or create them. This wrong belief may negatively affect the work of a

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5 Main Obstacles on the Road to Fruitful Testing 0

Fortunately for everybody concerned, software testing is no longer considered as a purely theoretical area of knowledge or activity. Instead, testing is more and more often perceived as a full-fledged

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Tester’s Biggest Misbelief 0

In software testing company, the specialists always repeat that they are very busy and do not have enough time to perform, for example, black-box testing. The core reason of this

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Are Changes in Testing Good? 0

The biggest fear of modern people is to fall into a routine. It concerns both work and life. None other than employees of software testing company know that. Software testers

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