5 Tips to Increase Efficiency of Software Testing

5 Tips to Increase Efficiency of Software Testing
April 28 10:00 2014  

It’s a matter of common knowledge that mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing, as well as a software development process, require creative approaches and cannot be entirely formalized.

A professional software testing company advises to check not only areas described in the specification and requirements, but to try to see the tested system from different perspectives. It allows testers to achieve best results.

It relates to mobile testing in particular. It is unfeasibly to cover all the aspects and features of a mobile application because of complexity and specificity of modern mobile software products, and timing constraints of mobile projects.

Manual and automated testing give good results and greatly help to improve the application under test if they reach beyond its requirements.

In Order to Increase Test Coverage Rationally it is Needed:

  1. To determine main paths and workflows of the system.
  2. To discover all the functions and features of the software.
  3. To gain insight into user control options of the application.
  4. To study careful the documents; it helps to define the most significant areas and aspects of the system.
  5. To enquire who are the potential users of the tested software product; for what purposes, under what conditions they will use the program.

The listed activities are very useful for any software testing process.

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