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Insufficient Test Coverage: How to Remedy the Situation 0

Test coverage is an essential aspect for a software testing company that works in accordance with Agile methodology principles. For a specialist of software testing, the first step in defining

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How to Increase Test Coverage? 0

There are a lot of applications with serious errors. Despite the developers’ efforts, manual and automated testing, the end-users face various defects in many software products. This happens because of

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What Should Test Coverage Be Like? 0

One of the most important aspects of web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing is test coverage. Many people think that test coverage is just a set of similar

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How to Provide the Best Test Coverage? 0

It stands to reason that efficiency of mobile application testing, desktop testing and of web site testing depends upon test coverage. Good test coverage must comprise tests for various aspects

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What is Test Coverage Specificity? 0

Information technology is rather abstract thing for many ordinary people. Tangible result of software development is properly working applications. Results of mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing are

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5 Tips to Increase Efficiency of Software Testing 0

It’s a matter of common knowledge that mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing, as well as a software development process, require creative approaches and cannot be entirely

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