How to Reduce Costs by Compatibility Testing?

How to Reduce Costs by Compatibility Testing?
October 20 10:00 2013  

In order to perform compatibility testing thoroughly a software testing company must use end-user configurations of hardware and software. The tests must be run on each end-user software and hardware configuration.

But users utilize various devices, operational systems, browsers, security applications and other software. So, there may be too many variants of user environment configurations.

It will be loss making for a company to buy all the end-users’ devices and install on them all the users’ software configurations. Mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing becomes usually unprofitable if it requires reinstalling from the outset for many times even one device.

There are some ways allowing to handle the situation and to meet a project budget and time constrains, performing web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing on the needed environment configurations.

Performing Compatibility Testing It Is Viable To:

  1. Utilize removable hard disk units together with a partition-management instrument.
  2. Utilize a drive-imaging application.

In spite of the selected way of handling the configuration variants, the most important issue about compatibility testing is the exact reproducing of the user platform, including the device models, the software products versions and the way of their installation. Only then the results of the compatibility testing will be true.

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