Testing Software with Multiple Device Support

Testing Software with Multiple Device Support
March 11 10:00 2014  

Users of software products are very creative. They interact with applications and work with devices in a manner that they find handy. A software testing company informs that sometimes the developers cannot predict how their program will be utilized by some users.

If a software product can be supported on mobile and desktop devices people often prefer to execute some operations on a mobile device and some on a personal computer. Such situations should be regarded in course of mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing.

Possibility of working with a software product on several devices caused necessity of several perspectives and approaches to usability testing.

During Testing of an Application Supporting Multiple Devices it is Wise to Check:

  • if it is possible to accomplish parts of operations on different devices;
  • if the changes performed on one device are saved in the application and are displayed on another device;
  • if it is possible to start executing a task on one device and to proceed, and complete it on another one.

Nowadays a lot of factors and situations must be taken into account in course of mobile, web site or desktop testing, as software products are sophisticated and multifunctional.

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