How to Make Functional Testing Fruitful?

How to Make Functional Testing Fruitful?
February 17 10:00 2014  

It is of common knowledge that functional testing is one of the most important activities in quality assurance. It is fundamental element of any mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing. Some people who know little about software testing think that only functionality of a software product is to be checked.

Usually functional testing assumes checking if the functions and features of the software answer their descriptions in the specification. If testers notice any deviations from the requirements they report about them.

A professional software testing company warns its testers from simple comparison of what is described in the specification to the actual software functionality. In this case testers will have the same vision of the software as the developers have and will also miss what was overlooked by the development team.

In Order to Execute Fruitful Functional Testing it is Wise:

  • to check if the application functions answer their descriptions in the requirements;
  • to perform various kinds of testing tours relying not on the software specification but on your knowledge, experience, intuition and common sense.

Such approach allows to evaluate the system under test impartially and to see it from the point of view of its end users.

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