Mobile Testing: determine strength of network signals

Mobile Testing: determine strength of network signals
March 05 10:00 2014  

Each professional software testing company claims that it is of utmost importance to check how mobile programs operate when network signals are of different strength.

Such exploration is also wise to perform in course of web site testing or desktop testing. But mobile devices and mobile software products consequently almost always work in different networking conditions and mobile network signals are often not as strong as we wish them to be.

It is convenient to perform mobile testing, in particular, to check how mobile software handles weak and strong signals, when WiFi is used.

WiFi Symbol Displays Bars Depending on the Signal Strength:

  • four bars indicate maximum strength of the network signals;
  • three bars show medium strength;
  • two bars denote that the signals strength is less than medium;
  • one bar tells that the signals are very weak;
  • if there are no bars it means that there is no connection.

Cellular networks do not indicate the signals strength. So, it is hard to determine if the signals are strong or weak at the moment. That is why a software testing company recommends to install special software estimating strength and speed of network signals. Such program is helpful during any mobile application testing.

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