For What Purposes Can Testing Models Be Utilized?

For What Purposes Can Testing Models Be Utilized?
May 13 10:00 2014  

Models are helpful instrument for lots of activities that require generating ideas, allocating resources and streamlining efforts. Web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing are among them.

Many software testing experts agree that using of models can increase efficiency of manual and automated testing.

Models may help in variety of testing activities, for example, determining common user scenarios, capabilities of a device, conditions causing occurrence of defects and so on. It is wise to use them during researching of a project or tested software product and in course of testing works planning.

By Means of Elaborating Models one Can:

  • study the project and systematize knowledge about it, deepen understanding of its peculiarities, of the software advantages and weaknesses;
  • determine the high-priority areas and aspects of the system under test;
  • properly allocate time and resources; this is of outmost importance for mobile application testing, as mobile projects are often very limited in time and resources;
  • set up the train of thought properly and work-out good ideas for the testing process.

A software testing company does not insists on utilizing only models preparing for testing efforts, but one should admit that models are powerful and convenient tool for such purposes.

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