How Select Platform Configurations for Compatibility Testing?

How Select Platform Configurations for Compatibility Testing?
July 21 10:00 2014  

There are many kinds and models of desktop and mobile devices nowadays. At least several operating systems are popular on personal computers and smartphones and tablets.

Each platform supports several web browsers. A good web application must properly function on some widely utilized platform combinations. This makes compatibility testing a significant element of any web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing.

Thorough compatibility testing of a mobile software product assumes checking many aspects on numerous mobile platforms. Such detailed checking requires much time and resource and can make the whole mobile testing loss-making.

That is why quality assurance experts advise to narrow down the number of platform configurations for testing.

In Order to Decrease the Number of Testing Platforms for a Mobile Web Application, it is Wise:

  • to determine on what platforms the program is supposed to work;
  • to choose several most popular browsers supported by each of the platforms;
  • to find among the browsers one that is known to cause problems with many applications and execute testing on it in the first place; any software testing company will agree that if a web program works in a browser of that kind, it will likely work in other browsers as well.

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