Should Software Withstand the Load?

July 24 09:25 2015  

Many developer companies, due to the high competition at the software market, become more concerned about the quality of their products. Some of these concerns include “if a developed program is long lived” and what are the possibilities of its endurance.

For this purpose the load testing is commonly used – it should necessarily be performed with the special conditions to measure the possibilities of a specific system. During load testing, testers create an imitation of simultaneous operation of a large number of users, and this imitation must constantly influence the system for a fairly long period of time.

Some novice testers often confuse load testing with stress or volume testing. But there is the difference. Stress testing aims to create extreme pressure to understand under what conditions system breaks down or crashes. Volume testing checks the program by increasing the amount of data to make sure that software is able to handle the large amounts of data without errors or losses.

Questions That Should be Asked During the Load Testing:

  1. By what characteristic features a tester should be guided in order to exactly determine that the system response is pretty fast?
  2. How the size of the load, to which the system should be subjected, should be properly determined?
  3. How to objectively evaluate what performance under the load will be convenient for a user?
  4. Under what loads does the system crash?
  5. Is there any need, after the completion of the load testing, to perform some additional work, such as, for example, reliability testing or performance testing?

To perform a qualitative load testing, it is necessary to make clear conclusions based on this questions. The tester must remember that his primary goal is to provide quality and convenience for the user, not just the documentation of bugs for correction.

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