Why Some Testers Tend to Complicate Everything?

Why Some Testers Tend to Complicate Everything?
July 06 07:43 2016  

An experienced and professional software tester can be easily recognized by the way he treats his test activities. Such testers perform software testing, website testing or mobile testing effortlessly and with ease.

They can promptly found bugs in every piece of software, and they make this process look simple and graceful.

Testing: Complicated Burden or Elegant Endeavor?

  • Integration testing and system testing often imply dealing with components of complex multifunctional systems. If a product under test is not yet stable, it is very difficult to adjust and correctly check it. Such types of testing are indeed complicated and just cannot be done easily.
  • Not all people who work as testers really know how to test. No matter how many certificates they have, there is a chance that some of them will never understand how to do the testing thing right. Those people are the driving force that makes testing look complicated.
  • In startup companies, there is a tendency to often and unexpectedly change environment conditions, procedures, deadlines and priorities. This creates vexatious obstacles and affects the work of testers in a bad way.
  • Sometimes it is a matter of choice. Even if a tester has enough knowledge and works in a successful company, it may occur to him that his work seems too simple to his colleagues. That is why he may intentionally start making testing seem more difficult.

These problems take the elegance out of software testing. Do not get it wrong, testing is a complex discipline, but it’s much better when done with elegance and ease.

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