Code Testing as an Apple of Discord

Code Testing as an Apple of Discord
July 12 07:21 2016  

For a software testing lab, it is a standard practice to let testers with programming skills create and maintain the test code.

It seems logical, but what if a software developer is a better choice for this job than a software tester? Developers can make proper modifications to the test code every time they change the production code. The test code will be in good hands, and testers will be able to simply run automated test scripts and observe the results. Wouldn’t it be more efficient? Not necessarily.

Why Should the Test Code Be Handled by Testers?

  • Testers know better what to expect from the test code, what scenarios to take into account and how to make it work specifically for testing, not for production.
  • To get more from automated software testing or mobile testing and interpret the test results in an effective manner, testers should understand how these results are received.
  • Testers are most likely to run unit tests against their code in order to keep it in good condition. Developers, on the contrary, may think that unit testing is required only for the production code.
  • The test code is always a priority for testers, but for developers it may be just a distraction from writing the production code. This may result in low quality and poor prioritization.

To cut a long story short, the idea of developers handling the test code is not a win-win. However, if a company successfully masters this approach, there is no need to change the course.

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