Things Testers Don’t Enjoy about Their Work

Things Testers Don’t Enjoy about Their Work
August 03 06:06 2016  

Different polls and surveys show that testers generally love their jobs. But there are several things that may bother even the most satisfied expert of software testing.

Some of these things can be changed only by a software testing company, not by testers themselves.

What Disappointing Things Cannot Be Changed by Testers?

  • Deadline-related pressure
  • Numerous hours of overtime
  • Poor planning of testing activities in course of software development life cycle
  • Lack of information from developers. For example, they may change one minor variable in their code but ask testers to conduct regression testing once more for the whole product, not for the features affected.

Luckily, some things that annoy testers can be controlled by testers themselves.

What Disappointing Things Can and Should Be Changed by Testers?

  • In medium and large teams, testers do not know the competence of each other. For example, two modules tested by different specialists should be tested as a whole during integration testing. A tester who will be doing this may have no idea about the work of these modules. He/she has to find those who previously tested the modules and have a constructive conversation with them without knowledge of their expertise.
  • It is difficult to demonstrate what tasks testers are currently working on. The whole team may be involved in security testing, during which they find just two bugs in the whole day. Those bugs may be mega critical, but it still would seem that a team did nothing during the day.
  • If a tester (as well as a programmer) gets repeatedly interrupted during the test session, it is incredibly difficult to get back on track.

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