6 Points of Effective Software Release

6 Points of Effective Software Release
September 02 09:36 2016  

Software release involves much more work than simple developing and testing. Software testing company bears a large part of responsibility in this process. But how to understand whether the product is ready to see the world or not?

All the tasks of testing team are finished. The product functions properly, up to the specifications. According to usability testing results, it is attractive and easy to work with. Security testing proves its safeness. There are six points to ensure in the total the aptitude of the product.

What Are Points of Effective Software Release?

  1. Regression testing. It shows whether there are any bugs remained unfixed. The developers could miss some errors found via functional testing, that is why product rechecking is a must.
  2. Test coverage understanding. It is used to answer how much of the software has been tested.
  3. Designer’s approval. Sometimes designers decide to add some new details to the product under test to make it more attractive than the product of the competitor.
  4. User acceptance testing. It is performed to ensure that the product meets the client’s requirements.
  5. External factors check. In some cases, software release would be more effective in such a high-traffic period as holidays or marketing events.
  6. Support team preparation. Support team should be aware of any quirks that may raise questions.

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